Scientific Team

The members should find english speaking professors willing to organise a workshop for the incomings and make sure that all the materials needed are provided. They should also be present at the workshop and guide the incomings to the place where it will be held. At the end of the workshop they will provide the professors with a diploma from SSMI.

Media Team

The members should create a Facebook Page and an Instagram Account and manage them. They will make sure to post pictures from all activities (National Food and Drink Party, game nights, workshops, conferences, trips etc.)

Contact Person Team

The members will be assigned to an incoming and they will have to make sure that they have the most amazing experience in our city. They will make sure that they arrive safely from the airport/bus station to the dorm, that they are guided to the hospital on the first day of exchange, they will provide information regarding the tourist attractions and activities, they will answer their questions whenever they need and they will go out with them as much as possible.